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Affordable Broward Criminal Lawyer

Article provided by: Richard Corey Enterprise Law

Affordable Broward Criminal Lawyer

For an affordable Broward criminal lawyer who is known for beating cases, getting cases dismissed, and getting the best possible plea deals for clients, contact RC Enterprise Law. Here, we have a team of defense lawyers who specialize in criminal law. We take our obligation to provide an outstanding legal defense for our clients seriously. With our skills, knowledge, experience, and training, you can rely on us to do just that – provide an excellent legal defense!

Should I Hire a Criminal Lawyer in Broward County if I’m Guilty?

Whether a client is guilty or innocent really doesn’t matter to us. It is the judge’s or the jury’s job to determine whether or not our clients are guilty. This is problematic for some who are more prosecutorial-minded than defense-minded. They think that defense lawyers are crooks because we work to get people who may or may not be guilty off the hook. However, these individuals tend to have a very narrow understanding of how the criminal justice system actually works.

Think about it like this; when an individual is charged with a crime, the state government or the federal government (both of whom have an endless wealth of resources) will spare no dime and leave no stone unturned to prosecute the accused. Once they’ve made up their minds to prosecute someone, there is seldom anything that will make them change their course. It is not their job to determine whether an individual is guilty or not. Rather, it is their job to secure a conviction, right or wrong. Therefore, having a legal defense that works just as hard on behalf of the accused is the only way to balance the scales of justice.

Why Hire a Broward Criminal Lawyer?

Additionally, RC Enterprise Law strongly supports the idea of ‘Innocent until proven guilty,’ which is more than just an idea – it’s a constitutional protection! Yet, just like the auto mechanic overcharges people whom he knows aren’t informed about vehicles and auto mechanics pricing; so does the prosecutor often violate the constitutional rights of defendants who don’t know their rights. One-on-one, the average person has no chance in a courtroom alone against a prosecutor.

Of course, no judge or prosecutor in their right minds would say that. They will claim that they are providing the presumption of innocence and upholding the ‘Innocent until proven guilty’ model, but their actions and attitudes often indicate otherwise. When you select an affordable Broward criminal lawyer from RC Enterprise Law to represent you, we hold the opposing parties accountable. We’ll make sure your constitutional rights are upheld.

Protect Yourself with a Broward Criminal Attorney from RC Enterprise Law

Beyond that; RC Enterprise Law provides sound legal counsel and defense services. We dig deep, conducting depositions, hiring expert witnesses, and cross-examining witnesses at trial. This, and more, in addition to making sure your rights are respected. By having our experienced and knowledgeable lawyers on your team, we’ll be able to secure a result that you could not get on your own.

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Affordable Broward Criminal Lawyer

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