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DUI Defense Attorney in Pittsburgh, PA

What to Do When You Are Charged With a DUI

Being convicted of a DUI, or Driving Under the Influence, will result in permanent negative consequences, including a criminal record, an effect on your driving record and harm your personal reputation. However, it’s important to remember that, with the right legal assistance, you can often beat this charge. If you are facing this charge, it is crucial to speak to an experienced Pennsylvania DUI lawyer immediately. The state of Pennsylvania carries tough penalties for a charge of DUI, and because drunk driving has cost so many lives in traffic accidents, law enforcement personnel are eager to put those who are charged behind bars. That’s why it is essential to hire a skilled DUI lawyer like Leonard J. Berger, Jr. to thoroughly evaluate your case and to do the talking for you with law enforcement personnel. Attorney Berger will use his knowledge and experience to help you keep your freedom and your driving privileges.

DUI Defense Pittsburgh, PA

Getting DUI Charges Reduced

While the best outcome of a DUI charge is to have the charge completely dropped, most of the time this is not possible.  In that event, the next best outcome is to get the charges reduced so that you can receive a lighter sentence or penalty. In some cases, you may be able to keep or obtain a driver’s license or have your license suspended for a shorter period of time. An experienced Pennsylvania DUI lawyer may be able to get a reduction in the BAC, or Blood Alcohol Content, tier level you’ve been charged with. This level can depend upon the time you took your last drink, whether or not you ate, the condition of the equipment used to measure it, and other factors. Getting this tier level reduced can mean lighter penalties.

Another way that a DUI lawyer may be able to get your charges reduced is to have you plead guilty to a lesser charge, like a traffic citation. You may still have to pay a fine, but your criminal record will not be affected. If the DUI charge is your first DUI offense, you may also be eligible to be accepted into the Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition (ARD) Program in Allegheny County and throughout Pennsylvania. Upon completion of this program, your criminal record created by the DUI could then be expunged.

Getting DUI Charges Dropped

There are also a number of defense strategies that a DUI lawyer can use to get all DUI charges dropped. In order to arrest you for DUI, the police must have had a reasonable suspicion that you were drunk or impaired. If it can be shown that they did not, then the arrest was not legal, and the charges may be dropped. If the case is affected by inaccuracies in the police report, or if the report is contradicted by a video surveillance record, the arrest may also have been illegal, and charges could be dropped. If it cannot be proven that you were the driver of the vehicle while being under the influence, the case may also not be valid, and all charges could be dismissed. An experienced Pennsylvania DUI lawyer like Leonard J. Berger, Jr. will look for flaws in the arrest process that could lead to dismissal of all your DUI charges.

If you or your loved one has been charged with a criminal offense, a DUI or been involved in any accident , you should immediately call Attorney Leonard J. Berger, Jr. today at 412-498-1929