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Personal Injury Attorney Calabasas

Article provided by: Flahavan Law Office

Personal Injury Attorney Calabasas

Flahavan Law Injury Attorneys is a leading law firm, offering impeccable representation in cases relating to auto accidents, slip and falls, dog bites, child injuries, wrongful deaths, elderly abuse, and construction accidents. Kevin Flahavan is a seasoned personal injury attorney in Calabasas with a successful track record and exceptional negotiation skills.

How much to sue for pain and suffering?

There is no right answer when it comes to how much you should ask for pain and suffering. When valuing your pain and suffering, your lawyer may sue your defendant for 3-5 times the amount of your medical bills and loss of pay combined. If your out-of-pocket damage amounts to $1,000, you may sue your defendant for anywhere between $3,000 and $5,000 for pain and suffering.

Remember that you need to hire a skilled lawyer to convince the judge that you have suffered significant pain and inconvenience resulting from the accident or personal injury. One of the best ways to ensure that you receive reasonable compensation is to seek medical assistance immediately after your injury. If the judge concludes in your favor, then the court is more likely to add an appropriate amount to your compensation for “pain and suffering.”

What should be my settlement goal in a personal injury case?

After a thorough analysis of your case and the history of negotiations with the insurance adjuster, your lawyer should be able to provide an approximate number on how much you can expect in your personal injury case. At this point, you can let the lawyer know about your settlement goal, which can be either to obtain a reasonable settlement with as little costs and hassles as possible or get as much as possible no matter how long it takes.

Alternatively, you could also request your attorney to demand a settlement slightly higher than what the insurance company offers but as soon as possible. Be sure to work with an experienced personal injury attorney in Calabasas to provide you with the best advice on proceeding with your case.

When should I hire a lawyer for my personal injury case?

With an experienced personal injury lawyer in Calabassas to represent you, you might intimidate the insurance company and have them settle the case at the earliest to prevent it from going to court. Here are some of the instances where you should hire a lawyer to get a favorable case outcome:

  • You suffer from severe, long-term, or permanently disabling injuries
  • You’ve received injuries as a result of a doctor, nurse, hospital, clinic, or other medical provider’s carelessness or incompetence
  • You’ve suffered injuries due to exposure to contaminants in food, water, air, soil, or products.

You may also hire an attorney if the insurance company refuses to make a fair settlement offer for your injuries. Call Flahavan Law Injury Attorneys today to schedule a free consultation with the top personal injury attorney in Calabasas, Kevin Flahavan. Our attorney can leverage his experience and expertise and help you receive a reasonable settlement in a short duration.

Personal Injury Attorney Calabasas

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