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Personal Injury Lawyer in Pittsburgh, PA


If you have suffered a serious injury or have lost a loved one due to negligence, Leonard J. Berger, Jr., a Pittsburgh, PA personal injury lawyer can help. He has years of experience helping clients like you get the compensation that you deserve. During a consultation, he can learn the details of your case and answer any questions you have about the legal process ahead.

Personal Injury Pittsburgh, PA

How he will fight for you

As an injured victim, you can bring forth a lawsuit against a negligent party to get compensation for your injury. However, you don’t want to face this situation alone. With the help of an experienced personal injury lawyer, you can navigate the legal system with a law professional by your side. Leonard J. Berger, Jr. can ensure that you get the compensation necessary for your pain and suffering, lost wages, medical bills, and other damages. He has helped individuals who have been involved in truck, boat, or car accidents, pedestrian accidents, workplace accidents, slip and falls, and wrongful death. Ultimately, every personal injury case is different. The first step to getting the compensation you are legally entitled to for your injury is to speak with an experienced personal injury lawyer in Pittsburgh, PA, today.

What does it cost to hire a personal injury lawyer?

We understand that you are experiencing financial burdens due to your injury. This means that we will work on a contingent fee meaning we don’t collect a fee until you get a settlement. You won’t pay anything out of pocket. This also means we will review your case for free. If you or someone you love has suffered an injury and want legal help, contact our law office today. We have the necessary skills, resources, and experience to help you get the results you deserve.

Contact a personal injury law attorney today

When you’re considering filing a lawsuit against a negligent part, contact Leonard J. Berger, Jr. for legal advice. In the State of Pennsylvania, there are statutes of limitations, which is the time you have to file a lawsuit for an injury or death. For medical malpractice, personal injury, product liability, and wrongful death, you have two years from the date of the injury or death to file a lawsuit. This makes it important to immediately hire an experienced personal injury lawyer such as Leonard J. Berger, Jr. to represent you. Call our law office at 412-498-1929 to schedule a consultation today.

If you or your loved one has been charged with a criminal offense, a DUI or been involved in any accident , you should immediately call Attorney Leonard J. Berger, Jr. today at 412-498-1929