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Truck Accident Lawyer Attorney in Pittsburgh, PA

How a Pennsylvania Truck Accident Lawyer Can Help You

When you’re driving on today’s highways, your car is no match for a huge commercial truck like an eighteen-wheeler. In a collision, not only is it likely that your injuries would be serious and could involve months or even years of recovery time, but you will probably lose wages from missing work, will have many medical and/or hospital expenses, and may suffer other damages as well from the trauma of the accident. If you’ve been hurt in a truck accident, the smart thing to do is to call a Pennsylvania truck accident lawyer like Leonard J. Berger, Jr. He’ll use his extensive experience to thoroughly investigate your case and find all sources of negligence that lead to fair compensation for your injuries and suffering. He will be your legal voice and will do the talking for you when the trucking and insurance companies call.

Truck Accident Pittsburgh, PA

Types of Truck Accident Cases

There are a number of rules and regulations from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration that all trucking companies are expected to follow while on the road, that also pertain to regular maintenance and repair. Trucking companies must properly train their drivers and must make sure that they are properly supervised. Trucks must be regularly inspected and must have realistic delivery times. However, sometimes trucking companies fail to meet these requirements, and when they do, accidents may happen due to:

Driver fatigue – A driver who has been on the road too long may exercise poor judgment that leads to an accident

Unbalanced cargo – If trucks are not loaded properly, unbalanced cargo may cause a rollover accident

Speeding – Failing to follow posted speed limits can lead to being unable to stop when necessary, causing serious accidents

Distracted driver – Truck drivers on long hauls may be daydreaming or may become distracted en-route, leading to inattention that causes an accident

What You Can Expect from a Trucking Company After the Accident

After an accident in which you’ve been hurt by a collision with a truck, investigators from the trucking company will attempt to get you to talk to them and tell them about the accident. Do not speak to them. Instead, refer them to your lawyer. They may try to talk you out of hiring an attorney, but do not listen. Hiring an attorney is essential if you are to receive a fair amount of compensation that truly meets your needs. The trucking company or its insurance company may offer you a settlement, but you can be sure that this settlement will be too low. They may also drag their heels, refusing to respond to your calls or delaying any answers to your questions. These are all reasons to hire an experienced Pennsylvania truck accident lawyer like Leonard J. Berger, Jr. He will use his knowledge and skill to get you a compensation settlement that is truly fair.

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