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Uber Accident Attorney in Pittsburgh, PA

When You Need a Pennsylvania Uber Accident Attorney

In many U.S. cities and towns, hiring an Uber, LYFT and other type of rideshare driver is becoming a popular way of getting around. However, since Uber drivers are not required to follow the same rules and regulations that taxi and limousine drivers are required to follow, a whole new set of insurance coverage challenges may arise in the event of an accident involving one of these rideshare vehicles.

Vehicles that are driven by Uber, LYFT and other rideshare drivers are their own personal vehicles and do not belong to the companies that hired the drivers. This means that insurance coverage issues can become quite cloudy when accidents occur. This is why it is essential to hire a skilled Pennsylvania Uber accident attorney if you have been hurt in any kind of Uber LYFT or rideshare accident, whether you are the driver or are a passenger. An experienced Uber accident attorney like Leonard J. Berger, Jr. will understand the complexities of insurance coverage and liability issues that surround accidents that involve rideshare vehicles.

When You Need a Pennsylvania Rideshare Accident Attorney

How Uber Accidents Are Different

In the event of an accident, Uber drivers may use a rideshare company’s insurance if the accident occurs during a certain part of the ride cycle. In order for the rideshare company to cover your accident injuries if you are an Uber or LYFT passenger, the Uber driver must be using his/her Uber app and must be considered to be on duty. He must be logged in and must have accepted you as the passenger. If he has not yet accepted you, then there is reduced coverage from the rideshare company. For all of this to occur, the Uber driver must be the one causing the accident. If the accident was caused by another driver, their personal insurance policy will cover your injuries and any sustained by the driver. Maybe.

Are you confused yet? You’re not the only one. And, of course, insurance companies will try to get out of paying whenever they can and are likely to take advantage of your confusion. That’s why you need to consult with an experienced Uber accident attorney if you’ve been hurt in an accident as a passenger in one of these cars.

What If You Are the Uber Driver?

Since Uber and LYFT drivers are considered to be independent contractors and not actual employees of the rideshare company, they are not eligible for workers’ compensation if they should become injured in an accident while driving. They may also not be covered by their own auto insurance if their personal policy does not provide for coverage in the case of commercial use of their vehicle. However, in the state of Pennsylvania, Uber’s Pennsylvania insurance policy provides PIP, or personal injury protection, insurance for Uber drivers as long as they are working. If you as the Uber driver were not at fault and you were injured, you may also be able to sue the other driver who was at fault. In any case, hiring an Uber and LYFT accident attorney is the most effective way to ensure that you get all the compensation you deserve.

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